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 Class based reading quiz no.2

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PostSubject: Class based reading quiz no.2   Thu Dec 20, 2012 7:46 am

Class based reading quiz no.2

Name : ……………………………………………….. Class : 12 / …... Serial no. : ……..

• Read the letter and answer the questions.

, Dear Rachel

I am having a wonderful time here! We are on a lovely island in the Cyclades, called Santorini. The hotel we are staying at is nice and quiet. It's got a lovely swimming pool.

The weather is hot and sunny. Right now, I am sitting outside a fantastic café by the sea. Paul is snorkelling in the clear water, as usual. He is looking for some shells to take home. Dad is visiting old places – I think they're boring. Mum is buying souvenirs at the market. She loves the market but it's a bit noisy for me.

We got to restaurants nearly every night for dinner. My favourite one is by the sea. Mum and Dad always order seafood but I never do – it's horrible. I order chicken – it's so delicious! The sunsets are spectacular and the local people are really friendly, too. I love it her so much, I never want to leave!

Oh well, that's all for now. See you next week.


P.S. There are a lot of donkeys on the island. They usually carry people's
bags to their hotels. They are so patient and gentle!

?Who is the letter to
? Which island is Suzanne on
? Where is Suzanne staying
?- What is Suzanne doing right now
? What is Paul doing
? What is Suzanne's mother doing
? What is Suzanne's father doing
? Where is her favourite restaurant
? What does she always order
?Is she enjoying her holiday
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Class based reading quiz no.2
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