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 How to deal with Misbehavior

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PostSubject: How to deal with Misbehavior   Sun Mar 30, 2014 3:17 am

 :losing track or not paying attention to the teacher
 Re-getting attention by rising a point. 
 Asking a question relevant to the topic of discussion. 
 Say " would you summarize what I have said'. 
 :Shyness or isolation
 Direct individual questions. 
 Give strong reinforcement for contributions. 
 Encourage by directly asking him/her a question. 
 Make eye contact. 
 Give him/her more rules.
 Make eye contact.
 Direct his/ her attention.
 Keep quiet until he / she finishes.
 Sharp shooting .
 Admit that you don't know the answer and direct it to a group.
 Acknowledge that learning never ends.
 Ignore him/her.
 Direct the question to the group.
 Acknowledge positive points.
Show respect but you want to hear from others as well.
 :Hostility and aggression 
 Remain calm and polite.
 Don't argue.
 Give him /her  a chance to cool down.
 Discuss the matter privately.
 Ignore the behavior.
 Send him/her to the social advisor.
: Side conversations
Do not embarrass talkers . 
 Drag them to the lesson topic. 
 Ask them if they want to share their ideas. 
 Casually move toward them. 
 Give them anguish glance. 
 Stop talking and wait for them . 
Forgetting homework
 Discussing Reasons. 
 Teaching him strategies to remember . 
 Sending him to the social advisor. 
:Being Passive or not interested
 Change the topic. 
 Add energizers. 
 Involve more pupils. 
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How to deal with Misbehavior
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