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PostSubject: HOW TO DEAL WITH THE TEACHER'S PERFORMANCE   Sun Mar 30, 2014 3:53 am


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Language teaching is a task in which intelligence, creativity, command of the language, experience; rich general knowledge and reasonable judgment are essential factors for achieving the educational objectives. It is taken for granted that the effectiveness of language learning and teaching in any country is heavily dependent upon the nature and the professional repertoire teachers have

The recommendations in this pamphlet are meant to develop the teachers skills and enrich their teaching tactics to fit the ever-changing factors in the field of teaching and learning

In the last decade a lot of issues emerged in the field of applied linguistic, language teaching, methodology and the teaching of English in general. Their combined effect has indicated new trends of thought, action and development in the sphere of ELT. These new trends are reflected in the studies of philosophical and theoretical bases of language learning, in up-to-date and effective approaches, methodology and techniques of presentation, in the readiness of teachers to offer sound solutions to occasional teaching, learning problems, in recent illuminating studies of present - day English and in the effective application of various instructional media

So the teachers of English are advised to bear these points in mind in order to develop their professional competence and performance

 Be prompt and punctual because promptness and punctuality lead to systematic work

Consider discipline and firmness because they are of paramount importance especially when students practice group work. Don't act as a dictator. The friendly relationship between you and the students has its vital impact on their attitude towards the 
 Be creative because much of the teacher's success depends upon his imaginative power, originality and creativity. It is said that teaching is more of an art than a science

 Be an example of a good planner and organizer. By doing so, you encourage your students to develop their ability of planning and organizing. Consequently, their work becomes neat

 Create a sense of rivalry among your students because it motivates them to work hard and helps the class to be on the alert for getting the highest marks

 Don't humiliate your students when they make mistakes. Avoid using sarcastic comments

Don't forget "He who makes no mistakes, makes nothing 

"Bishop Mogee"       

 Encourage students to develop their self-confidence. Encouragement gives them the feeling of progress

 Indulge students into authentic communication situations while encourage a continuous flow of facility in receiving and producing the language required

You are bound by the virtue of your professional growth to change and modify your approach in order to fit the ever-changing factors in the field of learning and teaching. Therefore, seek the best ways to improve and brush your English. "Reading makes a full man, meditation a profound man, discourse a clear man". " Binjamin Franklin        

 Give your pupils every possible chance to use the language. Talk as little as possible to give the pupils the opportunity to Interact. Don't overreach. Make the lesson students-centered not teacher-centered

 Prepare your lessons regularly and adequately makes you surefooted in the classroom. It sets your mind at work and makes you realize the main aims of the lesson

 Be active. An active teacher means an active lesson. Avoid being different because this creates a sort of boredom in the classroom

 Use the teaching media properly to make the lesson more attractive and perceptible. They save your time and effort

 Keep the board well organized. Don't clutter it with irrelevant material because this distracts the students' attention and weakens the point made

Be an observer, a guide and a participant when your students practise group activities. Do not look indifferent because it makes the class noisy and spoils the aim of the activity

 Avoid errors in pronunciation. If you feel any doubt, consult a good pronouncing dictionary. If pupils repeat a mispronounced word, it will be implanted into their minds. Moreover, it will be difficult to correct it in the future.Co-operate with other teachers of English in your school to perform team teaching because this teaching tactic often produces good results

 Remember that you are the orchestra conductor and your pupils are the performers. You should only introduce the patterns and direct, the work. Your students will do the drills because they need the practice

 Praise your students' tasks when they do well. This is a 

real reward for them, and encourage them to work hard. Every student learns at a different rate. Be aware of the fact that every class consists of both bright and low achievers. Deal with every category according to their needs

 Don't correct the student's mistakes as soon as possible. Wait till he finishes the sentences and let others find out the mistake and correct it

I wish all of you achieve the best and benefit from these tips











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Posts : 79
Join date : 2012-12-01
Age : 53
Location : EGYPT

PostSubject: Re: HOW TO DEAL WITH THE TEACHER'S PERFORMANCE   Sun Mar 30, 2014 4:24 am

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